Lois Gaylord, a weaver, dyer and seamstress, is a maker of connections. Her passion for textiles and deeply spiritual outlook inform her art and life’s work. On this path, her goal is to help others to see the connectedness of all life and recognize the Divine Essence in everyone and everything. She seeks to integrate and restore balance in binary energy systems: female and male, the receptive and the active, or yin and yang. Weaving these seeming opposites (that can’t exist without the other) into a new cloth of balance and wholeness is her way of practicing tikkun olam, Hebrew for the healing of the world.

Along with her art she creates spiritual cloths with the intention to help people connect to Source within themselves and the world. Lois teaches beginning weaving as well as classes that utilize art as a practice for spiritual discovery. She sells her work at fairs and through her online shops and works on commission.

Lois has been a life long seeker on her spiritual path, exploring several diverse traditions and returning home to her Jewish roots through the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Training Program. She received ordination in August 2020. She has a bachelor’s degree in textile design and a certificate in fiber arts. She lives in Seattle, WA with her husband Kevin Cain.

Priestess invocation 8/5/2020

I create and tend to Sacred Space, I am a Tzovah, temple keeper.
I create opportunities to share my knowledge, I am a teacher.
I create beautiful cloth to help people connect to Source within themselves and with all, I am an artist.
I tend to the fabric of the universe and seek out connections between all things to Weave Oneness, I am an Oreget, a weaver.