Ceremonial Cloths

Across time and cultures and beliefs, the thread of spirit is woven into the fabric of our lives. We each need to travel our own path, and while many will travel along well worn roads, each person’s journey is unique. And so each cloth I create is also unique, a reflection of the tapestry that is your life. May the work of my heart (avodat ha’lev) flow through the work of my hands into the textiles I create to become the treasured cloth you love.


The fabric of our daily lives, items for your personal use:
prayer shawls or tallit, atarah bands, amulet bags, cloths for a personal shrine or altar, challah covers

IMG_0489crop_webIMG_0507crop_webThe weavers who guide the shuttle, items for use by officiants, celebrants, clergy:
liturgical stoles, handfasting cords, chuppahs or wedding canopies

“I choose Lois Gaylord to create my prayer stole for several reasons. One, I knew I would be receiving a well made, high quality addition to my vestments as a minister. Two, that it would also be a beautiful and sacred object worthy of my faith, that could better help me step into my role as minister when I so desired. Lois listens to, and takes very seriously those in the spiritual arts. She is very careful to do the best she can to understand your wants, needs and desires in creating a spiritual garment. I would very much recommend her to anyone looking for a special, handmade, one-of-a-kind ceremonial garment. You will not be disappointed.” -Mary McKenzie

 The connecting threads of community, items for use by a congregation or group.
altar cloths, bima cloths, ark curtains, Torah mantles

These are just the beginning, I am sure there are many possibilities for other traditions as well.
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To order a custom made item, send me an email or give me a call.
Please let me know what you need.

The fabric you love that will open your heart, lift your spirits, and serve its purpose with beauty and grace. A cloth designed and created with love and reverence for use in ceremonies, rituals, religious or spiritual practices and celebrations.
Art that celebrates the threads of spirit that connect us all.

Challah Cover photo by Bret Corrington