Custom order process

1) I (the artist) will send you a questionnaire about the proposed project which includes questions about the scope, technical requirements, design considerations, and communication preferences.
2) You (the client) fill out the questionnaire and return it. Upon receipt, I will review the questionnaire to determine if the project is feasible for me. If the project is a go, a non-refundable design fee of $100.00 is due to begin the design process. Design fee applies to original new work.
3) Design Process:
Upon receipt of the deposit check, I will create two design proposals which will include sketches, specifications of the project, and an estimate of the time required and material costs. This may also include material samples if appropriate. Please allow 2-3 weeks for receipt of this package.
4) Client review of proposals:
Please take some time to review the proposals and share them with other interested parties. Plan for at least one telephone or Skype conversation to answer any questions. I find that this works much better and is way more efficient than repeated emails.
If necessary, I will then create one more revised proposal incorporating your comments, needs and ideas. This completes the scope of work covered by the design fee. At this point either party may terminate the project.
5) Project approval:
When both parties (client and artist) have agreed on the design, scope of the project, schedule and costs, a written contract will be sent to the client. Upon receipt of the contract signed by the client and a deposit of 50% of the estimated project costs, I will begin work.
6) Creation process:
During the process of creating your piece, I will send you progress updates at one third and two thirds completion. These will most likely be done through email and will include digital photos of the work in progress.
7) Completion:
Upon completion of the project, digital photos of the piece will be sent along with the final bill. When the final payment has been received, the finished work will be shipped via an agreed upon carrier with insurance for the full value of the piece. Client pays for the cost of shipping.
This information sheet should cover most of the frequently asked questions about how a custom order works. I am always happy to answer any other questions you may have. I look forward to working with you to create beautiful piece of art filled with love, meaning and joy.

Getting Started:
To start this process, please send me a message at:
Or give me a call: (206) 933-0759 Please call after 9 am Pacific time.